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Knitting, sewing and Crochet!

Knitting and crocheting – anyone who thinks that these are out of style couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s a look at some of the Polish artists who have joined the world’s trend and taken the old tradition to the streets, literally. Knitting as a street art? No way you say. …

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Scarf Up! Keeping the body warm may help ward off a cold

Scarves are such a blessing in the winter. They’re accessories that are as fashionable as they are functional. Scarves will never run a size too small. They simply add style and warmth to any winter wardrobe that welcomes their fun prints, vivacious colors and ornate details. As a sharp chill grips …

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Kashmiri Aari Embroidery

Kashmir (India) is famous not only for its sights and scenes, mountains and valleys, flora and fauna but also for its beautiful handicrafts produced by the refined skill and talent of her artisans. Kashmiri embroidery evolved over centuries with influence from many cultures. Designs have developed over time from the …

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Pashmina shawl -A traditional way of making in Kashmir | CraftBong

Since centuries, the handicraft industry is running successfully in beautiful valley of Kashmir. Among handicrafts,shawl industry has gained popularity all over the world for the way these shawls are being prepared. Shawl making in Kashmir is an age old practice over which the artisans have expertise themselves over generations. The …

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