About us

Needle Craft was born out of an intense desire and commitment to revive the traditional crafts of Kashmir (India) which, over the past 25 years, have been severely impacted by the ongoing territorial conflict in that region. This conflict has destroyed the social fabric of the local community and rendered the artisans vulnerable to dislocation, deprivation of access to their traditional markets and severe financial distress.

During my recent visit to India, the search for my roots propelled me on a journey to the place of my birth, the Kashmir Valley.

I came across in the valley a large cross section of artisans grieving over the pervasive loss of  the centuries old traditional craft due to decades of unrest and turmoil. What was once the glory of Kashmiri artisans, their pride and distinctive signature, had gradually turned into shambles with no eager receivers for its real worth. I have always been overwhelmed and mesmerized by the Kashmir valley’s craft, whether it is the intricate embroidery weaving (which takes months and sometimes years to complete), the finest Pashmina weaves or the exclusive hand-crafted papier-mâché molded into finest articles of decoration and art.  My interaction and connection with these artisans inspired me to establish Needle Craft, a medium to showcase their skills globally. We believe that by giving such a platform to these artisans we can help them exhibit their distinctive skills and craft to a global audience and restore this dying art to its former glory.

image1At Needle Craft, we are mindful of the perceptions of the modern and style-conscience women and design our products to enhance their individuality and style. We blend contemporary embroidery with traditional Kashmiri craftwork to make exclusive and appealing attire that will touch your heart and soul.

Each product in our store is unique and clearly testifies to the brilliance of our artisans. We’re determined to reach women who are art & craft lovers and pride themselves as fashion trendsetters.

Our journey has just begun. We hope you’ll join us in this journey and help us celebrate beauty, elegance, artistry, and more important, the talent of the people behind this craftsmanship.

Let’s celebrate handcrafted goods!