Kashmiri Aari Embroidery

Kashmir (India) is famous not only for its sights and scenes, mountains and valleys, flora and fauna but also for its beautiful handicrafts produced by the refined skill and talent of her artisans. Kashmiri embroidery evolved over centuries with influence from many cultures. Designs have developed over time from the Moors, Persians, Turks and beyond. Kashmiri embroidery is essentially a harmonious blend of charming flowers, fruits, and birds.

One type of embroidery we showcase in our products at Needle Craft is called “Aari.” Aari embroidery is a specialty of Kashmiri artisans who create it in fine, concentric rings of chain stitch using a special hooked needle known as ‘Aar’ which is similar to a crochet needle. Aari embroidery was introduced to Mughal rulers in the 12th century by the Persians. Aari embroidery is done by only hand or machine as well.

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Traditionally known as Kashida, this embroidery style is practiced in and originates from Kashmir. Famous for its color, design, texture and technique, this embroidery employs silk, wool and cotton at its base.

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